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"So to start off with  I am so happy you gave this opportunity to work together to get my health back under control. As we discussed since I had covid I have really suffered with a great loss of a many things, such as my stamina, diet, and sleep. Which has really affected my life the past year. You gave me lots of great ways to improve and get stronger. Since we started I have completed 3 weeks of 5 day work outs at the gym and am able to walk 1-2 miles outside almost daily, weather permitting - PHEW!!! Which then in return helped me sleep so better. I was taking melatonin every night prior to this. I feel so rested and have definitely gained stamina. I feel stronger everyday.   Not to mention I am down 3 inches and 5 pounds!! Also you gave me lots of different supplements information that has helped too. We talked lots of food and choices. I have always been a healthy eater, but I do enjoy listening and getting new recipes and food choices. It gets boring eating the same food all the time. I listened to your pod casts you shared, at which those are interesting. I’ve never really spent time listening to pod casts, now I can say I have and enjoyed them. Another favorite I do 2-3 times a week is meditation. Let me tell you is the best,   a hot bath with bath salts , relaxing to a meditation recording. Sure takes the edge off and totally prepares me for a good night sleep… I have shared this experience with lots of my friends, family, and co- workers…. Thank you again for giving me this opportunity….."


- Karen -

"My name is Desiree and I have had the honor and privilege of being coached by Melissa. My life was in shambles when Melissa asked me if she could coach me. I have ptsd and suffering the loss of my dad. It was quite a bit to handle for me. From the time of our first session to our last it's been an amazing journey.  I have learned how to let things go and deal with things by putting up a shield to guard my self. I have learned how to bury things deep down in the ground with the roots of the trees so that they can no longer burden me and I no longer dwell on them.  My experience working with you was very peaceful, calming and amazing. You taught me how to breathe through anxiety and fears that may get triggered at work or even at home and just in my every day life.  I loved everything about your coaching however the one thing that was special was how we related with our dads and how you may not have known my dad you did little things or gave me things that my dad would say or do it was like my dad was speaking through you. I have gained so much from from our time together and how to love myself again and not be so harsh and how it has rubbed off on my girls. So much more positivity and love. We look forward to using the tools that you taught/introduced to me to help shield us and make us better people. I feel so incredibly blessed and honored to have had the privilege of this partnership with you and you are going to do great and amazing things for people. I would recommend your coaching skills to anyone with ptsd or trauma or nurses who experience life death and everything in between on a daily basis. Anyone who needs to recharge their batteries and let things go. Thank you for choosing me as part of your journey and I can't wait to see you do amazing big life changing things for people."

- Desiree -

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Avery Smith

"Ahh, where do I begin!  Coach Melissa has guided me in making changes in my life with amazing results.  I was feeling overwhelmed, working fulltime, plus being a full time Mom and Wife, there just wasn’t enough hours in the day.  Working and helping others, seeing their smiles and helping others deal with the pressing issues in their lives, provided gratification and made me feel great, but still something was missing. Melissa reminded me that I need to take care of myself if I am to continue.  She shared her extensive knowledge with me, starting with discussing my concerns.  We discussed my health and life style.  Melissa reviewed my diet and eating habits, which I knew needed improving but the time and how?  She made suggestions how to easily incorporate nutritious things to my diet that was surprisingly so easy to do.  Melissa then introduced me to natural supplements, to help my individual daily needs. Wow, what a difference in how I feel every day, the energy is fantastic! Most importantly, Melissa has helped me realize I can and need to make time for myself.  The guidance she gives has been essential in me being able to actually make the changes I need; time to exercise, meditate or listen to a podcast or audible book. She gives me actual challenges and holds me accountable.  Taking care of myself has been so life changing for me.  I am a better me, which makes me a better mom, wife, and employee. Melissa is a Coach that really cares about her clients!  She has provided me so many resources and ideas to assist me with my personal growth and improved health.  I am so comfortable talking with Melissa, I can relax.  Melissa is a very positive role model; she lives what she teaches.  Melissa has made a tremendous impact in my life and I am so thankful for all she has done for me.  I totally recommend Coach Melissa she is the first step to your success."

- Krista -

"Prior to meeting with my nurse coach, Melissa, I was struggling with many obstacles. But after our first meeting, Melissa helped me to realize my problems were mostly related to time management.  Throughout or sessions, Melissa helped me to prioritize, to set realistic goals and expectations, and to plan and take action to reach my goals. Before our sessions, I was working full time (40 plus hours/week) trying to manage a home with 4 children from 4 years to 17 years of age.  My dishes were piling up and my laundry was overwhelming me.  Trying to juggle the kids` concurrent activities of basketball, wrestling, ski club and gymnastics along with the long days of work I felt like a fragile egg read to crack. My experience working with Melissa was exceptional.  She is a wealth of knowledge, insight and understanding.  I went part time, joined a women's volleyball league, organized my household duties and have been able to maintain my finances.  Her coaching helped me to make these changes in my life. What I like most about our coaching relationship was that she also shared some of her relationships and experiences which was very helpful.  I also felt that she was listening to me and maintained confidentiality, which helped me open up more.  I would recommend her coaching to EVERYONE!  She is a great listener.  She has so much to offer anyone who would like to support and nurture their soul.  Thanks Melissa"

- Jamie -

"I started working with Melissa after my major surgery with subsequent complications. My surgery was performed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Over a four-month period of time, I had a total of four hospitalizations, two intra-abdominal abscesses resulting in fifty-two days of Intravenous Antibiotic Therapy via a PICC line and developed an auto-immune disorder (Giant Cell Arteritis/GCA) as a result for which I am now on steroid therapy. Needless to say, both my stamina and appetite were nil.  I was struggling to get through the day. I am a diabetic and as a result of my steroid therapy, I needed to go in insulin. During one of my hospitalizations, my recovery was very grim and uncertain. We were only home to Michigan 15 days from May first to the end of August. I was missing my family and truly discouraged with my current health status and lack of energy to complete even the simplest of tasks. I was so thankful for Melissa and her new coaching skills. She readily recognized many of my frustrations and needs and how to approach them.  We started out small as that was all that I was able to do. I was easily over-whelmed and at this point, already had so many obstacles I was facing. I needed to have some positive accomplishments, no matter how big or small they were. She made me recognize and realize that making a plan, even a small plan, was the beginning to regaining my health. She made me feel so comfortable and never intimidated. I was so extremely weak and truly had a difficult time focusing. My progress was slow at first but it was steady. I had started meal planning and writing down my daily intake to help manage my diabetes. I kept a daily log of my vital signs and status I had started my walking and exercise program and logged my progress.  She stressed the importance of self-care. I started a gratitude journal and even bought a hand-held massager. I started to regain my confidence and had a vision for my future as there were times, I wasn’t sure I had one. 

I am so appreciative of our times working together. I am getting stronger everyday and am accomplishing many of the special projects and things on my “to do list”. I am able to focus and plan and am so looking forward to camping and gardening this summer.  I have been sewing and knitting for my grandchildren and have figured a way to feel like I am still a part of their life even though I cannot physically be with them due to my auto-immune disorder. I am continuing to track and monitor my progress and this has now become a way of life. My overall well-being has certainly improved. Melissa’s empathy and compassion has helped me to “Live My Best Life” and I an so thankful for her. I feel anyone can benefit from working with Melissa. Taking time to really assess what is going on in your life, evaluating your needs and concerns and making a plan can only have a positive outcome for a more rewarding future."

- Pam -

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