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My Story


How I Began and Where I’m Headed

 I specialize in the the art of helping clients achieve their greatest potential.  I do this by creating a safe  empathetic reflective environment for you to explore  possibilities to achieve a life that is inspiring and in alignment with your values.  The coaching sessions are held in confidence so that you can lean into your edge and trust in the process of listening to your inner knowing .


Critical Care RN for over 35 years. During the Pandemic I struggled with GERD (gastric esophageal reflux disorder), this was totally new for me. When I asked my primary provider why this was happening she told me stress. I was in the thick of it, hyper-vigilance from the pandemic, my father was dying, I forgot to make time for me. This was a eureka moment for me, I knew how to fix this, so I did. I dug deep into self-care for myself and created spaces for my fellow colleagues to do this too by designing Zen Dens, spaces designed for healthcare professionals to perform self-care. I became board certified as a Nurse Coach July 2022. I did not stop there. I then collaborated to design a research protocol to see if meditation prior to surgery would decrease patients perception of pain and anxiety post-operatively, amplifier for Sufi-Psychology, and continually post photos on social media and submit them for our local news channel to uplift others spirits and  became a performance advocate for the Young Americans. The knowledge that I gained from this process was transformational. I want to heal my community in a new way, optimizing their health. 


Coaching is about inquiry and exploration as well as helping clients take action and forward movement. As a Transformative Nurse Coach I live and work from a place of love, compassion and service, healing is an inevitability.

I desire to continue on this wave of wellness.  I want to help YOU to feel as good as I do.


Let's get started.

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