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Transformative Change Agent

As a Board Certified Nurse Coach, I am a holistic practitioner who helps plant seeds of scientific based steps to enhance your health and well-being .  Nurse coaching provides a safe space for you, to be heard and grow.  Together we will partner to help you optimize your health, body, mind and spirit.  One question I always get "is this for nurses only? " Absolutely not, I am here to serve anyone that desires my coaching skills in addition to 35 plus years of critical care nursing experience.


    My mission is simple: I believe you have the wisdom inside of you to to achieve your goals. Let me help you follow your inner voice to create a healthy lifestyle. I will be a powerful change agent for you as we trust this process.


~Nurse Coach Melissa Robbins RN, BSN, BC-NC

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Melissa is a fantastic resource for skills and tools to help cultivate change in my life. The accountability in conjunction with the celebration of successes helps keep me motivated to achieve my goals. I am better able to be more present in the moment, more engaged with my children and I'm making healthier choices. The praise and the support feel so great!! I would recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their quality of life. The praise and support are such difference makers. I know I've made better progress because of Melissa's help.  

-Sherry Otto

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